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>Hi Alan. All,

>I don't yet have any answers to your racing sparks problem, but if
>misery loves company, perhaps I can offer you that.  I'm in the
>process of converting from my static gap to a sync RSG.  I had been
>getting nice 60" arcs from my 4 1/4" secondary, power by a 15/60 NST
>and a .02uF cap.  I upped my cap to .03uF so as not to over-volt it,
>and I too am now seeing the racing sparks (who coined that name
>anyway?), and also have a burnt spot at the base of the secondary to
>mend.  And I tried raising the secondary, still got the sparks.

Hi Gary.

Well, I don't wish anyone else to have problems, but it does help to
get them worked out when others have them also. It's tough having to
solder wires back together after a few seconds run and then having to
wait overnight for the paint to dry.

Raising the secondary only reduced my spark length, but didn't help
with racing sparks either. I'm going to try raising the toroid even
higher like Terry suggests and see what it does. I did lower it and
get them to stop, but am now curious about doing it this way.

I think John coined the name. Jump in and take a bow if you did, John

>Right now I'm waiting for a HV probe that I ordered so I can scope my
>cap charging and phase, perhaps that will show up something.  I'll
>let you know if it does.

Okay, I don't have a scope, so I'll have to leave this to you and

>Regards, Gary Lau
>Waltham, MA USA

Alan Jones
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