Re: Electric bath? Some TRUTH about Electrotherapy and Tesla Coils !

Hi guys,

My response is way at the bottom:

>Original Poster: "Jeff Behary" <jeff_behary-at-hotmail-dot-com>
>>Which means I suppose that no-one around has the skill to do it?  It
>>might come as a surprise to find that coils have been constructed
>>that have produced 6" sparks from 30W DC by myself and other
>>present and past list members. I admit I haven't deliberately made
>>any coils produce X-rays however.
>GREAT for you!!!   And congradulations on such excellent results!!
>I wasn't complaining as much as rattling off...
>I like hearing this sort of thing, because Tesla Coils were made in such a
>wide variety of styles and sizes during the first 20 years of the century
>[experimentation]...These days not many people wish to stray from the
>NST coils.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with this -- proven techniques
>are, well, a good road to positive results -- and a great way to learn...
>But I (and likely yourself and others) feel that perhaps there are many
>other new routes worth trying (30W DC powered == excellent example!) and
>routes worth "reviving" from the past (self induction coils, poulsen arcs,
>electrolytic interrupters, mercury breaks...).
>That doesn't mean we should start building Tesla Coils for home high freq.
>and radiography, but, hey, some of the old unique qualities are worth
>noting!  I mean, if [in some cases] 2 and 3 years of experimentation went
>into coil designs for some of these apparatus (Scheidel Western, Ajax, etc
>etc) they are worth taking a look at!!
>Only a shame that the originals are so difficult to track down!
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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to relate that I have produced x-rays using an antique light
bulb and a small 3-4" spark Tesla coil.  The radiation was strong enough to
weakly fluoresce an x-ray screen with a target shadow (paper clip used for
target object) between the bulb and screen.

Don't recommend trying this without proper lead shielding as the intensity
of x-rays produced can be R/min!