Re: Greatly improved coil, question

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<< I think the next thing that I might
> tackle is making a synchronous rotary gap.  The question:  What is the
> easiest way to tap the #12 stranded insulated wire?  What I am currently
> doing is driving a nail into it, and wrapping a wire to the nail.  It is not
> as convenient as the clip I had for the copper pipe, and it is probably not
> as precise.  Thank you,
> -Andy C >>


Congratulations on the longer sparks.  I just force a sewing needle
into the wire, and then I clip a clip lead to the needle.  You could do
the same thing with the nail.  But be careful if the nail falls out when
the coil is running, the cap could hold a dangerous charge.   I agree
this is a disadvantage to using the stranded thin wire...inconvenient
to make connections.  It is probably possible to remove 1/2" of
insulation here and there along the wire, and make a special clip
that would squeeze around the wire and grip it well.

If you use the sync rotary, your cap will need to be well matched
to the xfmer.  Did you say it was .01uF with a 15kV, 60ma NST?
This will give resonant charging and high voltages on the NST and
cap.  It's safer to use a .017uF to .027uF (LTR) and benefit from
the inductive kick effect rather than reso.  I have however run
near-reso for a few years with no problems.

John Freau