Re: PCB Who?

to: Paul

If they contain PCB's you don't want them.   A lot of bad legal implications
if the EPA finds out you have them (you pay to have them disposed of by the
EPA --- like $500 per xmfr).

PCB is a chemical handle for poly-chlorinated-biphenyl.  They attach to fat
cells in your body and are strong known carcinogens.

Many power companies would give them away free --- if they could, but you
definitely don't want them.


Dr. Resonance

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Subject: PCB Who?

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>Hi all,
>         I was scouting around the other day trying to find a big
>transformer for a future tesla coil and it turns out that i can probably
>get 2 pole pigs for free :). Problem is that they are rather old and the
>person I was talking to siad that they most likely contained PCB's. Ive
>heard that PCB's are bad juju but I'm not really sure what they are. Is
>there anyone who can explain just what a PCB is and what it could do to
>                                                Thanx Heaps