Re: MMC Threads

Hello Chris and list

I have some files that I downloaded (from Terrys site, although they're no
longer there?). Its a set of scans of a paper titled: THE DEVELOPMENT AND
CAPACITORS. Published by authors in the AEROVOX group. This paper deals
with the general issues involved with using metallised electrode MMCs in
large capacitor banks.

On several of the pages there are tables discussing different types of
capacitors with voltages of 500V-120kV. Some of these caps have peak
currents of up to 350kA -at- 50 kJ, 16kV. Amazingly, these caps have energy
densities of up to 2J per gram (1.7MJ per m^3)...my Maxwell pulse caps
(60nF -at- 45kVDC) have only 0.0061J per gram!

I seems pretty clear that MMCs can and have been constructed for use in
high current pulse applications. There is a good list of references at the
end of this paper that will help you.

Could someone give a WWW link for these files? The file names are
polyrel1.jpg ... polyrel6.jpg

<<<< I ran out of space and had to delete them.  I will re-scan them again
and put them at the other site.  I'll send a note when they are up again in
a day or so. - Terry >>>>

Safe pulsing,

Gavin Hubbard

P.S. Terry Fritz has a number of excellent MMC files at

At 07:02 PM 9/1/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Original Poster: "Chris McFarlane" <chrismac-at-xtra.co.nz> 
>If someone has all the MMC threads archived separately from other
>threads would you contact me re email of the zip file. Looking in
>the list archive reveals a long job if collating the MMC threads.
>I'm particularly looking for MMC peak current pulse capability, whether
>MMC can be in the range of 50,000 amp peak, of the better pulse caps;
>(at about 12KV+).