Re: Building a 3-1000z VTTC

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> 4.  Any hints on appropriate component values will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ross Overstreet >>


I checked my notes;  I used 32 turns and .005uF when I used (1)
833A for a a 22" spark.  Using (4) 833A's, I used .008uF and tuned
at 24 turns, this gave a 38" spark before a tube arced from over-volting
at around 6kVAC input.  This refers to my VTTC at David Trimmell's
website that is labeled as "(3) 833A tube TC".  So for your coil, you
could use a number of turns between the two extremes above, and
use a suitable capacitance to tune.  Some folks like to use thicker
primary and secondary wire, along with smaller caps.

John Freau