Re: Electric bath? Some TRUTH about Electrotherapy and Tesla Coils !

>Which means I suppose that no-one around has the skill to do it?  It
>might come as a surprise to find that coils have been constructed
>that have produced 6" sparks from 30W DC by myself and other
>present and past list members. I admit I haven't deliberately made
>any coils produce X-rays however.

GREAT for you!!!   And congradulations on such excellent results!!
I wasn't complaining as much as rattling off...

I like hearing this sort of thing, because Tesla Coils were made in such a 
wide variety of styles and sizes during the first 20 years of the century 
[experimentation]...These days not many people wish to stray from the normal 
NST coils.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with this -- proven techniques 
are, well, a good road to positive results -- and a great way to learn...
But I (and likely yourself and others) feel that perhaps there are many 
other new routes worth trying (30W DC powered == excellent example!) and  
routes worth "reviving" from the past (self induction coils, poulsen arcs, 
electrolytic interrupters, mercury breaks...).

That doesn't mean we should start building Tesla Coils for home high freq. 
and radiography, but, hey, some of the old unique qualities are worth 
noting!  I mean, if [in some cases] 2 and 3 years of experimentation went 
into coil designs for some of these apparatus (Scheidel Western, Ajax, etc 
etc) they are worth taking a look at!!
Only a shame that the originals are so difficult to track down!

Most Sincerely,

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