Greatly improved coil, question

John, all-
	Thank you for all of your suggestions.  I tore up my old 1/4" pipe primary
coil and replaced it today with a flat primary wound tightly with #12 awg
wire, about 26 turns in all.  A recent goal of mine was to get the nice
toroid ( 4" drain pipe 4" inner diameter, covered with adhesive al. tape)
that I made in early spring to work with my current coil.  I had made the
toroid to function with my coil, but due to poor design of the apparatus it
did not, until recently.  I tapped the primary at about 18 or 19 turns, I
forget the exact turn, and I am happy to say that my new record has been set
with a spark length of 16".  It is still shy of the 40-42" that I hear is
possible.  I am glad that I got the toroid to work however.  It took a
couple of seconds for the toroid to emit sparks.  Eventually it did, and
every time it discharges it is in that same point.  Either that or I use a
wire set on top for a break point.  I think the next thing that I might
tackle is making a synchronous rotary gap.  The question:  What is the
easiest way to tap the #12 stranded insulated wire?  What I am currently
doing is driving a nail into it, and wrapping a wire to the nail.  It is not
as convenient as the clip I had for the copper pipe, and it is probably not
as precise.  Thank you,

-Andy C