Pig pig pig pig pig (5)

I'd just like to thank Dr. Res for his offering of low-priced orphaned pole 
pigs to the high voltage community!  How many semi truck loads did it take 
to get all those to your place, Dr, Res?  It'd be cool to have a picture of 
100 etc pigs all in one place! :)

I have a few pics of the 5 piggies I ordered - being unloaded at my place, 
and some other foolishness: 

So far I've done a 6KW Jacob's Ladder using 6 1000 watt stove elements in 
parallel.  This weekend I'll get about 10 more from MECI.  This will bump my 
resistive ballast capacity up to about 16KW.  That should make the old 
electric meter spin!

I hope to spend some quality time optimizing out the 6.5 inch secondary I 
wound last year.  Last time I fired it - it produced an 81 inch arc which 
tagged the 24 volt pilot transformer used to run the power contactor.  It 
killed itself! :)


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