Re: Variac fix

Hi Alan,

	The variac core is no more than a wire wrapped on a metallic form.  "I"
would just pull the bad section off and get a length of similar wire from a
motor rebuild shop and wrap it in the same position as the old one with a
little glue.  Splice it in the side were it does not matter.  A file will
quickly give your a similar contact surface to what it was originally.

	Of course, the motor shop may fix it for you too for not too much money...
 Burnt variacs are really neat in that they can be easily fixed but their
price is usually the scrap metal equivalent...  I have a big 560 volt 15KVA
core right here with a burn but it probably works fine as is.  The worst
part is a dent in the wire when they tossed it in the dumpster...

BTW - anybody want a POWERSTAT 30M246U-3 core with terminal block?????
Bout 25 pounds...



At 11:53 PM 08/31/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>	I bought a Suprior Electric Powerstat Variac rated -at- 16.7 amps a few weeks
>back. Tonight I finally got around to looking at it. Taking Ross'
>suggestion, i opened up the variac and cleaned it out. I carefully removed
>all parts and cleaned the housing first.(I was being lazy and didn't want to
>deal w/ the actual variac yet) When i finally got to teh wire coil, i
>noticed that in the inside, part of the wire was black, and that it was
>broken. Further moving of the wire caused it to fall right off. Now i have a
>wire sticking out of this variac. A picture of this is at
>	After i moved this wire a little, some black stuff started to crumble off
>the coil and i'm not sure if this is normal. A picture of this black stuff
>is at http://members.xoom-dot-com/hvfreak/variac1.JPG
>	I'm presuming that this broken wire is bad and the black stuff is caused
>because this wire was burned out? How can i fix this?
>	Thanks ahead for any imput on how to fix it.