Variac fix

Hi all,
	I bought a Suprior Electric Powerstat Variac rated -at- 16.7 amps a few weeks
back. Tonight I finally got around to looking at it. Taking Ross'
suggestion, i opened up the variac and cleaned it out. I carefully removed
all parts and cleaned the housing first.(I was being lazy and didn't want to
deal w/ the actual variac yet) When i finally got to teh wire coil, i
noticed that in the inside, part of the wire was black, and that it was
broken. Further moving of the wire caused it to fall right off. Now i have a
wire sticking out of this variac. A picture of this is at
	After i moved this wire a little, some black stuff started to crumble off
the coil and i'm not sure if this is normal. A picture of this black stuff
is at http://members.xoom-dot-com/hvfreak/variac1.JPG
	I'm presuming that this broken wire is bad and the black stuff is caused
because this wire was burned out? How can i fix this?
	Thanks ahead for any imput on how to fix it.