Re: Trannies, how do I rewind them?

No, up here in the US a lot of our xfmrs are made the same way. Rewinding
that kind of thing would be nasty, since the solution you mention is about
the only one that I've been able to think of. Unless you have a way to
dissolve epoxy.

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> Original Poster: MILLS MATTHEW <MISMXM-at-corporate.santos-dot-com.au>
> Hi I sent this post to the list over a week ago but got no response to it
> so I am sending again.
> I have looking at the many posts related to using microwave transformers
> and other transformers and there was someone or more than one person who
> said that you could rewind them.  I have a number of these including a
> 2000va one from a commercial oven and was wondering how one goes about
> rewinding them.  Actually for that matter, how do you take the windings
> off a neon as detailed in the archives?  My problem is that these
> tranformers all have laminated windings consisting of either interleaved
> E shapes or an I and an E shape.  Either way they are bondend together
> tightly making it impossible to remove or rewind any windings.  Many
> times these laminations ar seam/spot welded along a number of sides to
> keep  everything together.
> So, do I hacksaw one side of the figure of 8 off? and then rewind the
> core minding out for the sharp edges and hoping that the remaining
> laminations stay together? and then once rewound weld the sawn off piece
> back on?
> Maybe in the southern Hemisphere our transformers are made differently
> than those in the USA and europe.
> Hoping for a helpful reply :)
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