Running higher than 400 BPS?

I built an asyncronous RSG with top break rate about 367 BPS. The results I
got during a couple of 30' runs were encouraging. I bet 20% longer
streamers, with biforcations all along the streamers (instead of the usual
long streamer with a few biforcation near its end).

The fact is that varying the RSG speed from slow to fast I could only notice
increasing performance, reaching the maximum together with top speed.

My question is: anybody using an RSG with break rate higher than 400 BPS?
That is, is it worth for me adding a couple more of rotating electrodes to
reach 734 BPS or not?

My tank supply is a 6.5 kV MOT voltage doubler, 0.05uF primary cap: I am not
able to say how fast the cap gets charged by the supply.

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