Re: RSG's different shape electrodes

Tesla List wrote:

> The main problem with these 'N*(N+1)' spark gaps is that
> they have excessive dwell (% of the rotation where the
> electrodes connect.)  They also encourage the designer to
> use motors that are too slow.  In order to achieve a
> reasonably short gap duration, the electrode speeds need
> to be Mach 0.2 or greater.  For 360BPS operation, speeds
> around 3600 RPM are considerably more efficient.
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Thanks for posting the above "important" info. I never before considered
the dwell
time and speed of the ratating electrodes in this manner. Increasing rotating
electrodes to increase bps may not be the optimum design. Higher RPM might be
better. There must be conditions existing between  RPM and breaks which can
too-little or too-much dwell affecting many factors and ultimately
Given the rpm, breaks, async, sync, dwell, charge time, bang time, quenching,
gapping, efficiency, etc... the RSG can be a very complex beast.