Re: Capacitor dielectric

Thanks everybody who has put me on the right path... It appears as if the
brief web research I did a while ago dredged up misleading information. I
remember finding a page with diagrams and everything describing the
difference. (From memory, polythene was described as a sorta crystaline
polyethylene.) Oh well.

I did find a page with an extensive MSDS (Materials Safety data Sheet)
listing on a huge range of chemicals, which may be of interest to people in
here who muck around with weird stuff and want to know the dangers. Find it
here => http://physchem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/ 


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>Original Poster: "Steve Cook" <Steve-at-g8cyerichmond.freeserve.co.uk> 
>Polyethylene and polythene are the same thing! Polyethylene is simply the
>more accurate scientific name.