Tuning with two torids

Hi All,

	I would think the simplest way to move a top toroid up and down would be
to run a plastic rod (like PVC) up the center of the primary, secondary,
and first top terminal.  Thus the raising and lowing mechanism could be
down below the primary where all the other stuff is.  The rod would run up
to the top terminal and provide the mechanical link.  A "perfect" device
for doing the movement can be seen at:


Such a linear actuator would be great because once it is set, it could be
just left in place and forgotten.  It would also be a good solid solution
that would never fail.  They use all the nice 12, 24 and 120 VAC voltages
and will not over run their tracks.  Other things would work too I am sure,
but this web site's device really caught my eye...  Not sure what the price
is but compared to MMC caps, fiber optic switches, and HV relays, such a
thing looks cheap!  The travel is 12 inches and there are a variety of
speeds in the 0.5 to 2 inch per second range.  It can lift 100 pounds and
support 600.