Re: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...

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Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 6:44 AM
Subject: Re: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...

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>Hi Terry,
>             Does it really have to be realtime tuneable - are you sure its
>worth all the isolation fibre-optics and seriously expensive relays just to
>save yourself the 30secs it would take to kill the power, flip the knife
>switches around, and hit the power again.

Actually, I've been thinking about this, and perhaps some sort of dynamic
tuning that varies in synchronism with the line frequency might be useful...
Another idea is that the load impedance on the secondary varies as the
streamers form, and maybe you could do some sort of feedback scheme.
Finally, if you have a rotary gap, and a DC fed coil, a time varying primary
impedance might be an interesting idea...  you'll be connecting and
disconnecting under load, etc.,, but if it was easy, everyone would do it.