Re: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...

>Some vacuum bottles out of medium voltage switchgear (15kV class)
>would be perfect for this application, but are likewise pricey.
>But at 200-600A continuous rating (and 40-50kV BIL) would be
>dam... near indestructable in this application.

Every once in a while pallets of these show up at the Los ANgeles Dept of
Water and Power scrapyard..
The usual 110VAC solenoid actuated Joslyn vacuum switch. 15 kV contact
rating, 90 kV BIL.  A bit of sledge hammering will remove the vacuum contact
core from the porcelain insulators.

I bought a pair for $1 each (incorrectly identified on the receipt as "oil
switches".. well, they sort of look like small oil switches.) and went to go
get a truck to pick up the rest of the pallet (about 30 of them), an hour
later, somebody else had bought them.. (they won't let you pay now and pick
up later...)