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>>>>>> when you talk about phase, like " its not in phase" or that is a   
 "three phase transformer"    what does that mean??<<<<<<<<<


You might want to start by looking-up the basic meaning(s) of the word in any
dictionary. Proceed from there to an encyclopedia article on alternating 
current generators.

Imagine a simple loop of wire rotating between the poles of a magnet. An 
alternating current is produced and may be removed from the loop by placing 
brushes at the ends of the loop to supply an external circuit. One complete 
rotation of the loop thru 360 degrees is one cycle of AC, and the number of 
cycles per second is the frequency. A graph of the
voltage output of the generator produces a sine wave when you graph voltage vs
 the angle
of rotation in degrees. The points of maximum output occur when the loop is 
perpendicular to the magnetic field at 90 and 270 degrees simultaneously. The 
sine curve at 90 degrees is positive. At 270 degrees the curve is negative. 
So as the loop turns,
the polarity on one side of the loop goes from zero to max and back to zero 
in 180 degrees. Then the same side of the loop moves down past the opposite 
magnetic pole as it rotates from 180 degrees to a max negative at 270 degrees 
and back to zero. that's one complete rotation or one cycle. One complete 
cycle on the graph equals 360 degrees.  This is the graph for a single-phase 
generator. If you place another loop of wire designed to rotate 
simultaneously with the first loop but spaced perpendicular or 90 degrees to 
the first loop, you will have added a second phase because the voltages in 
each loop will reach their maximum points 90 degrees out-of phase from 

This explanation requires diagrams. I surely could not understand what I have 
just written
without diagrams. There are many experts on the Tesla list who will be glad 
to help you. 
If you will tell us how old you are we will be able to refer you to many 
books on the subject
that start at the level of the good question you have asked. Again, I urge 
you to start out with the dictionary and encyclopedia articles. Go to the 
library and talk to your teachers.

Ralph Zekelman