Re: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...

They don't work too well at high voltages though.. 

On the "break" they tend to draw an arc.

The internal gap is also not very big (when the mercury is in the pool at
the bottom).

However, for a line voltage application (like my suggestion of a remote
controlled ballast) they are ideal.. Love them in fact, they are quiet (no
loud CLACK) for the current they carry.

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> Date: Wednesday, October 27, 1999 7:11 PM
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> How about mercury relays (not mercury wetted) or even mercury switches?
> Good isolation and the contacts operate in a vacuum.
> Small solenoid or maybe a relay contactor arm could tilt plain mercury 
> switches on/off.
> Regular mercury relays are typically used for power switching ( I have
> 480v/100amp units)
> and are designed to prevent arcing.