Re: Reposted Tesla Analysis -just a one question

Hi Bill,
I'll be very short.What has been the highest rate of
primary capacitor in the Model 10 unit ever used and
what  the highest energy per bang ever used in
experiments with that unit?Thanks,for the reply in

My regards,
Boris from Croatia  
> To the Tesla List.
> First, I apologize, for any frustrations and
> inconvenience, in the
> original posting of Kenneth and Dr. James Corum's
> major paper
> on the subject of treating a Tesla Coil as a "lumped
> circuit
> analysis model" or a "distributed circuit analysis
> model."  Ken
> Corum has taken the appropriate steps, to make the
> entire article
> much more readable, as well as editing a few
> typographical 
> errors.  
> The reason this article appears on my web site, is
> in whole and
> part, because I personally support and defend the
> assertions and
> claims, made by both the authors; not to mention
> that the Corum's
> analysis work on Tesla has been, and continues to
> be, the subject
> of great debate, in the simulation, analysis and
> theoretical modeling
> realms of Tesla Coil design.
> This feature paper is published on my web site, with
> full permission
> and authorization from both of the authors, with the
> intent of
> shedding new light, on this subject.
> Please do not e-mail me, with any questions,
> arguements or
> debates on this subject.  I have neither the time or
> energy to
> reply.  I simply am saying that I support the
> author's work
> and statements.
> Best regards,
> Bill Wysock.
> ___________________________
> Tesla Technology Research


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