Re: Corona and Sphere - Puzzle -addition

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<< Let us consider behavior of smooth sphere excited by
> TC h.f wave form.Let sharp point be added at one side
> of sphere to allow issuing of spark.Let be considered
> only single pulse mode.Let diameter of  sphere be
> 10".When voltage on sphere reaches 300-350 KV sphere
> should discharge in all directions in air,not only
> through already formed sharp point path judging by
> experiments of the same sphere without sharp point
> added.However,it proceeds to discharge through sharp
> point path despite voltages of 400 KV or more.At last
> when voltage in the order of 500 KV is reached 


You've measured these voltages of 400 to 500kV on the sphere while
the sparks are emitting from the sharp point?  I thought perhaps the
streamers from the point would load down the voltage and prevent it
from going that high, and might even reduce the voltage to 150kV or so?

Just a thought,
John Freau

> would start to form another streamer paths from its
> surface but even then those new streamers are not
> reaching so far distances as very first one ..In all
> the books can be found data the most responsible
>factor for breaking down of air is strenght of local
> electrical field (which is ~30 KV/cm for DC ,low
> frequency range or even somewhat lower for TC h.f
> range).But before forming new streamers el.field
> reaches 40 KV/cm in described case! >>snip