Re: No Variac?

Hi Chris Hi all
You can buy new variacs from tortech they are a sydney based company that
sells toroidal transformers, 1 to1 isolation transformers and of course
variacs their number is 0296426003 safe coiling
Pete the TV Repairman
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Date: Monday, October 25, 1999 9:47 PM
Subject: No Variac?

>Original Poster: Chris Mason <n_atriu_m-at-start-dot-com.au>
>  Hi All,
> I would just like to know if it is totaly necassary
>to have a Variac on a Tesla Coil? .. I have just made
>a 4.25" 15Kv/60ma Tesla coil and i cant find a variac
>anywhere. Is there anything i could use other than one? or could i
>tune my coil in just running very little gap? I would really
>appreciate any information
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