Re: Tube spec. question 50l6, 6r6

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Bill Noble" <william_b_noble-at-email.msn-dot-com>
> 50L6 is the same as a 6L6 but with a 50V filament (used in "all american 5"
> configuration - later supplanted by 50c5)
> per radio amateurs hanbook 1953 edition - 50L6:
> beam power amp
> 50V150ma heater, use as class A amp, 110v plate,-7.5 grid,110 screen,4/11
> screen ma, 49/50 plate ma, 8200 micromohs transconductance, 82 amp factor,
> 2Khom load, 2.2 watts

	Oops!  The 50L6GT is a MUCH smaller tube than the 6L6!
Plate dissipation rating 10 watts vs 19 watts.  Max plate voltage 200 vs
360 for the 6L6!  (30 watts and 500 volts max for the 6L6GC).