Re: observations (pulsed sparks)

Hi John,
   The gap fires continually. As I increase the voltage, the gap can be
heard to increase in spark discharge freq.  My toroid is probably a little
too large. ( 4 X 16 ) Dryer duct covered w/ aluminum foil.
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> > Actually what I observed was;  When I turn up my variac for the NST. the
> > toroid will begin discharging slowly at first and emit sparks at about 1
> > spark every second or so. As the variac is increased, the sparks become
> > rapidly discharged. When slowly discharging at a slow rate, I could
> > the clear bulb dim during this discharge. Have I confused everyone yet??
> >    George Stein
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> George,
> Does, the spark gap also fire every second or so in synch with the
> toroid sparks?  Or does the spark gap fire continuously despite the
> one-a-second toroid sparks?  This would be the harder-to-explain case
> probably.
> John Freau