Quickie experiment to check out the current "transmission line" theory

I checked out the Corums' theory on my own coil, an FET-driven one
self-tuned so it's always in tune, and pulse-burst driven.  Exciting the
secondary with just a sine-wave generator, I do, indeed, find a standing
wave along the coil at higher harmonics than the fundamental (which is
about 116 KHZ).  When I check the period of the output under "real"
conditions--(top toroid in place and having radii large enough to
preclude a spontaneous spark), I find that I am operating, as I happened
to know, right at the fundamental.  This is one thing nice about my
always-in-tune coil: I can watch the secondary voltage rise clean as can
be until the zap occurs.  Takes about 25 cycles or so to level out,
absent a spark--a lovely sine wave all the way.

Ken Herrick
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