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 Hi All, 
 could anyone tell me the plate voltage, current, and dissipation ratings
 of these two tubes I have:
 a 50L6GT, which is listed as a beam power amplifier, whose basing diagram
 is a tetrode, and has filament needing 50V at 0.15v amps!
 a 6LR6, which is also listed as a beam power amplifier, but in this case
 the basing diagram has a screen, grid, and a third element. Pentode? it's
 filament needs a more conventional 6.3V at 2.5 amps.
 I'm thinking of using one of these in a very small vacuum tube coil,
 after or while building one using an 811A.
 Also, when using a tetrode, or pentode for that matter, can one just wire
 the extra electrodes to the grid and use it like a triode in a TC? Or,
 would actually using the screen on the tetrode be useful, and would it be
 fairly simple to provide the sort-of 'reversed' bias on the screen to
 accelerate the electron flow whilst the tube is in conduction?
 Grayson Dietrich


viewed from the bottom and clockwise from the gap,
the pin out on the 6LR6 is as follows:

1 & 12     Fil                        6.3 V -at- 2.5 A
2             cath                     E plate   900 V
3 & 11     grid 2                   E g 2     220 V
4 & 10     grid 3                   P watts 30
5             grid 1                   I cath     375 mA
cap         plate

Viewed from the bottom and clockwise from the key,
the pin out for the 50L6 is:

1        NC                            E plate     200 V                      
2 & 7  Fil                             E grid 2    125 V 
3        plate                         E grid 1    8 V   (AF)
4        grid 2                        output      3.8 W
5        grid 1
8        cath & grid 3

Hope this helps.