found a new source for tubes

Hi all,
I recently got hold of five type 3C24 aka 24G transmitting triodes that 
should interest
VTTC folks. These beautiful little eggs are NOS by Heintz & Kaufmann, made in 
Each tube will handle 25 Watts with 900 Volts on the plate. The tube fits a 
4-pin socket. Two of the pins are for the 6.3 V -at- 3 A filament and the other 
two pins are
dummies. The grid lead comes out of the side and the plate lead is on top. An
interesting little tube and the best part is the cost of $20 for five tubes. 
Including shipping.

The source is new to me.

1599 SW 30th Avenue
Suite 4
Boynton Beach, Florida

TEL 561 735 3397
FAX 561 737 3541

The name is Stanley Winston. Stan said he has around 500K tubes! (If I heard 
He promised me a catalog but so far I have not received it. The entire 
transaction went
quickly, and was well handled. For anyone interested, he has Chinese 833Cs 
for $100
each. Graphite plates.

This may  be big news only to me. Has anyone else bought from ESRC?

Happy day,
Ralph Zekelman