Tube spec. question

Hi All, 

could anyone tell me the plate voltage, current, and dissipation ratings
of these two tubes I have:

a 50L6GT, which is listed as a beam power amplifier, whose basing diagram
is a tetrode, and has filament needing 50V at 0.15v amps!

a 6LR6, which is also listed as a beam power amplifier, but in this case
the basing diagram has a screen, grid, and a third element. Pentode? it's
filament needs a more conventional 6.3V at 2.5 amps.

I'm thinking of using one of these in a very small vacuum tube coil,
after or while building one using an 811A.

Also, when using a tetrode, or pentode for that matter, can one just wire
the extra electrodes to the grid and use it like a triode in a TC? Or,
would actually using the screen on the tetrode be useful, and would it be
fairly simple to provide the sort-of 'reversed' bias on the screen to
accelerate the electron flow whilst the tube is in conduction?


Grayson Dietrich

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