Re: First Tesla Coil

What type of coil are you looking to build? size? Do you have any parts
yet? There aren't really any canned plans to give you. But if you tell us
what you would like to get we can help you design it.

I would sugest a 4" diameter secondary as a good starting size. It's
small enough to be easy to build for and big enough to get good
performance from.

I'm not aware of a site that has a lot of beginer info. We are working on
one, but just started so there isn't much to work with there yet. The
mailing list is probably your best bet for now.

Get a copy of WinTesla too, you can find it at www.pupman-dot-com along with
a load of other great info. It can help you play "what if" games with
paramaters and see how the components interact. The mailing list archives
are searchable on pupman as well, and there is a lot of good info in

That should get you started, send us more details and I'm sure we can get
you going.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Travis Stewart" <mrprosser-at-geocities-dot-com>
> Hello,
>         I'm looking at making an attempt at building a tesla coil for
> an english project, and I'm trying to look for some web pages to aid
> in the construction of it.  I've been able to find a few good
> webpages while browsing the tesla coil webring's site, but I'd still
> like to know more, and I'm also trying to find a site that might be
> more geared towards a person who has never built one before.  I was
> wondering if anyone could point me towards a site for two that might
> help, or give me any advice on building one.
> Thanks in advance,
> Travis Stewart
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