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> Hi All
> The Current from a flyback trannie running in a TV set in standard 
> mode is
> limited to around 1ma anymore 
Hmmm, when I tried a jacob's ladder with it it got one single hot spark
and the tv would turn off.  Then I used high series resistance and it
worked.  Sort of.
I think I not what did the limiting now that I took the TV apart.  There
is a single loop on the core that goes to a TRIAC in the main power
supply. Perhaps if this recieved not enough current the power goes off
because it think's there is a short somewhere.  In the future I might try
just putting a small 1 amp transformer on the TRIAC's gate to keep the

and the shadowmask in the picture tube 
> will
> heat and warp.

Gee darn;)

> The voltage is determined by the size of the tube 30kv 

Actually 30.5kv;)

sounds like a 
> set
> around the 30 inch mark 14 inch sets run at about 22kv.
> Think you will need more current for TC use others on the list 
> should be
> able to give you circuits and mods for running flybacks.
> Pete the TV Repairman

Thanks for the pointers

> >Original Poster: Bryan St <warp27-at-juno-dot-com>
> >
> >Hey guys
> >1. Has anybody tried coiling from the guts of a tv?  I mean running 
> a TC
> >off the high voltage from a flyback still in it's tv?  The tv I was
> >thinking of using says the output is 30kv.  It is a 30 inch 
> tv(about) but
> >I don't know the current output of the flyback, it can't be much.
> >2.  If you inductively ballast a pig, won't this prevent the sine 
> wave
> >from peaking and lower your output voltage?
> >3. Ihave calculated the output of a cascade multiplier with 60 
> stages to
> >be at least 6kv and 60ma(1kv drop).  Is there any reason for this 
> not
> >working for a TC?
> >Thanks
> >Bryan
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