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<< << I'm hoping the level-shifted power supply will add a new dimension of 
> > efficiency to the project and help to achieve never-before-seen levels of
>> VTTC performance. >>
> I assume this is your 833C coil. Please 'splain what a level-shifted power 
> supply is and how it is used.
> Cheers,
>Ralph Zekelman


Yes, it's the 833C proposed TC.  The level shifted approach for tube
TC's was presented some time ago by Dave Sharpe of the TCBOR on
this list.  It's the same circuit that is used in a microwave oven.  It's
a sort of AC voltage doubler.  A series capacitor and parallel
diode is used at the output of the MOT.  The cap stores the energy
from one 60Hz AC half cycle, and the energy is added to the next 
half cycle.  The result is the peak voltage is doubled.  I think this
method is especially efficient, because both half cycles (both polarities)
are used, instead of one of them being "wasted" as in the typical tube
TC design.
          > || <------------| |----------------------------->  output (HV) to 
          > || <                           |
          > || <                          ----  diode
          > || <                           /\
          > || <                            |
          > || <-------------------------------------------  gnd


John Freau