Vacuum pump for sale

Hi everyone,
I am selling my lab vacuum pump on eBay, item # 180926275.
It's a Robinair 6 CFM, VacuMaster Model 15600, factory rebuilt
and in very good condition; pumps about 18 microns according to my TC gauge.
I have converted it for lab use as described by Steve Hanson's in his Bell Jar
An Experimenter's Introduction to Vacuum Technology. 
I have added an oil mist filter and a machined 5/8 inch hose barb.
I found an old Kinney KC-5 pump and rebuilt it so no longer need this one.
Email me at <mailto:wdschmitz-at-netusa1-dot-net>wdschmitz-at-netusa1-dot-net if you have
questions or want a picture sent.
Bill Schmitz