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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:46:21 -0400
From: Rick Kirby <rkirby-at-earthlink-dot-net>
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> Subject: 84" CoiL
> Hello everyone, This is Cabbot Sanders...  I'm back from a long
> sabatical.  For those of you that remember me, great.. for those
> of you who dont, I built a (now 12 foot tall) tesla coil
> originally for ball lightning research.  I have resorted to other
> methods for the creation of ball lightning, which basically put
> my super huge 15 kw tesla coil on hold status to see first light.
> well that is about to change.
> I have a little bit of wiring left to do, and i'll be ready to
> test this puppy out!
> 15 kva transformer
> rotary: Bill Wysock TTR 600 pps
> cap: Maxwell .16 ufd 45 kV
> secondary: 84" x 23" atop a 28" base cabinet
> primary: 1/2" refer tube ~8 turns flat
> ballast: two 225amp arc welders in parallel (soon to have a TTR
> control box/ballast)
> It would be cool to see if anyone out there is in the oregon area
> and would like to see this coil perform.
> Cabbot Sanders
> www.interprise2000-dot-com
> High Voltage / Fusion / RC aircraft


Sounds very interesting tell us more What's your sec wire choice, total
turns, spacing
or TPI. Also what is your transformers out put voltage. Do you have a
toroid size in

I'm in North Carolina and will not get to see yours run but
I'm starting my 14" x 55" coil soon with a .12 uf -at- 60kv maxwell
and a 5kva -at- 14400 vac pig.

Good Luck keep us posted

Rick Kirby