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>Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:11:01 EDT
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>Subject: ATTN. - Site Online (properly at last)
>Hi All,
>         I have just realised that my UKTesla site has been running as the
>draft site without the actual content added.  So after a few hours of frantic
>coding and disk hunting I've got it properly on line.  One or two pages may
>not load, It'll be sorted in a few days. Drop by at:

>Safe Surfing
>Nick Field

Hi Nick, All,

You state on your main page at the "Build One" section that:

"However cool the concept of 6 foot long sparks and the ability
to light bulbs from 20 feet away remember that despite the fact
one of these things has never ever killed anyone they are still
dangerous in the hands of the stupid. Before reading any further
read my disclaimer."


I beg to differ. People have been killed operating a Tesla coil. A stage
performer by the name of Henry Transtrom (sp) was killed when he
was struck by an arc from a coil. It was his last performance.

I also seem to recall reading examples of others killed while operating
a coil. So, please, modify this text on your page. Tesla coils ARE lethal
devices, no ifs ands and buts about it. They have killed people, whether
by accident or sheer careless actions. It is not a trifling matter and safety
can't be stressed enough.