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Subject: Re: how to use an auto ignition coil (fwd)

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> Subject: how to use an auto ignition coil
> Dear sir, I am a beginner and am interested in learning how to use
> automotive ignition coils as transformers. 


There are a great many ways of doing this, and I would like it if you
could be more specific about what purpose you have in mind for the ign.
coils. If it is just to make some sparks, then the methods are varied,
succesful, and easy. If you want to power a TC from them....     ....then
it IS possible, but, more complex an issue. Others will be able to help
to a greater extent.

For a quick and dirty circuit,
check: www.electrophile.8m-dot-com/bargsors.htm
there should be a listing of a simple driver circuit under the ignition
coil heading

Grayson Dietrich
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