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<< <<  But the
>>  professional way is to set the spool on edge and let the wire twirl
>>  off the end of spool.  I just guide the wire by hand, except on very >>
> John,
>Why? Especially with a large spool, doesn't that allow the wire to fall from 
> the top of
 >the spool, clump up and maybe even fall over the rim of the spool? Seems 
> a
> small point because it probably is. All the pictures I have seen of  
 >coil winding
>machines show the spool horizontal and above. That's what I saw when I 
> the Thordarson plant in Chicago, c. 1942.
 >Happy day,
> Zeke


You're probably right.  I was repeating what I had heard, and I also
saw winding being done in a shop, where the wire was twirling off the
end.  Maybe the end method is just used for thinner wire and smaller
(it was a 10lb spool) spools.  That's the extent of my knowledge in that
area.  I never use the end method myself, it seems somewhat 
treacherous to me as you suggested.

John Freau