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>I have found a set of plans for only 15.00. Go to www.amazing1-dot-com, and go to
>the high voltage section. There are plans for different size Tesla Coils.
>They go in range from small table top, medium table top, and floor models. I
>know the medium table top model plans are 15.00. They, are, however very
>costly. I mean the pieces. From this company, the plan with pieces is around
>900.00. You probably can find used pieces or pieces for cheaper. This set of
>plans also tells you the many dangers and how to prepare for them. Hope this

If you stick to the Richard Quick method of winding a secondary, build
the TCBOR static gap, get a decent NST and use at least 14-16 primary
turns, you will exceed the so-called "$900" coil in streamer length.