Re: why 1:5 and max 1000? (fwd)

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Subject: Re: why 1:5 and max 1000? (fwd)

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Use a sec. coil height to dia. ratio of 4.5:1 for good results.  I would
suggest approx 800 to 900 max. turns on the sec coil with this ratio of
height/dia.   Use HV toroid of 170-200% x the sec. coilform dia for good


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Subject: why 1:5 and max 1000? (fwd)

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Subject: why 1:5 and max 1000?

Dear all, after having build a few small tcīs  i am collecting now the
pieces for a large one. Having a 10" sec. form, 2x 8000 kv 700mA, 2
selfrolled polycaps (56+42 nF) and a rebuild static gap with cooling
bodies as seen on the net somwhere (where???). i a looking forward to
assemvble the whole thing.

What  bothers me is that i donīt understand the max prractical ratio of
1:5 and the max turns of 1000. Are thes practical values or can it be
calculated with which formulas???

Thanks, Arwin Holland