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Hi its Tab,
I origionally asked this question after i got confused when using some new
programs i found on the net.
i downloaded the new wintesla program and it shows a diagram with guide
lines measuring the outer diameter of the toroid from 1 centre of the tube
to the other centre.
the reason i got confused was because i was measuring from outside to
check out the program and let me know the results.
Thanks for all the replies



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> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> Subject: RE: Toroids and capacitors
> Date: 07 October 1999 19:23
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> Dr. Res and all,
> This brings up a good question a number of us have spoken about. Is the
> major diameter of a torus measured to the outside edges (as is commonly
> suggested) or should it be measured through the centerline of the minor
> diameter (chord)?
> My metalworking references and Machinery's Handbook (15th edition, page
> show torus measurements through the centerline of the minor diameter.
> Example: A 8"x2" torus would have an overall width of 10" and a minor
> diameter of 2".
> I've back calculated the topload capacitance's of a number of coils by
> the measured frequency of the secondary with and without the torus. The
> measurements always show a capacitance much lower than the programs
> (using the common way of measuring a torus that is). Actual values are
> closer to program predictions when using a major diameter measured
> the centerline of the minor diameter. I've tested this on torus from 10"
> 48".
> Your mileage may vary...
> Brian Basura
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> One is the minor diameter measured across the "tube" section.  The second
> the major diameter which is measured from outer edge to outer edge
> you sliced a sphere in half and measured it's cross sectional diameter
> same applied to torus).
> Regards,
> Dr. Resonance