Re: All capacitors great and small, and depottingquestion--Retraction

snip from my response>>>>>>>
Dielectric Strength (DC, 1 mil): 6500 V/mil !!!----- To High!!!
500-600v/mil is closer
     (assuming ASTM D149)
this will teach me to pop off like i know what i doing.........
a little reseach and i find a vastly diifferent voltage breakdown
The gods of Teflon website(
www.dupont-dot-com/teflon/chemical/properties.html#astm) have a ASTM D 149
5300v/mil !!! and other sources are higher some lower. Next time i'll
double check.

.... aric,that roll of film is worth a bloody fortune! TFE goes for
$7-$10/lbs and Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene  is way way  way more per
pound!! I'm jealous!!