Re: Toroids and capacitors

One is the minor diameter measured across the "tube" section.  The second is
the major diameter which is measured from outer edge to outer edge (imagine
you sliced a sphere in half and measured it's cross sectional diameter ---
same applied to torus).


Dr. Resonance

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Subject: Toroids and capacitors

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>Hi it Tab,
>In the following formula for the capacitence of a toriod in pF:
>1.4*(1.2781 - (D2/D1))*SQRT(pi*d2*(d1-d2))
>I know that D2 is the diameter of the Aluminium Tubing (My chosen material)
>But where do I measure D1 from. D1 is the outside diameter so does this
>mean measure from tip to tip or centre of tube to centre of tube?
>Could anyone send me some information on different types of caps and how to
>work out their capacitence. Especially in salt water bottle caps. I intend
>to make a plate Cap, i just want to know about the other types of caps.
>Thanks In advance.
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