Continuous Wave Drive

Hi All,
          A while back I discussed the primary of my next system with you.  I 
have decide to bite that bullet in the short term and build a flat spiral 
However I have started the design process for a new system, based around the 
secondary of my current system.  My aim is to use a solid state system to 
drive about 100kV continuous wave into the base of the secondary.  If I wish 
to use solid state drive it is inevitable that I will have to use an output 
transformer.  I envisage the drive voltage being about 500V at 13A RMS.  My 
main questions are:
What wave shape should I use to drive the coil?
How should the output transformer be constructed - like a ruhmkoff induction 
coil (but without the iron core) or something else?

Thanks In advance
Nick Field