Looking for motor

Howdy fellow coilers,

It seems that the last time I fired up my coil, my
motor was fine but my variac arced to the RSG.  Some

1 hp universal motor at 10,000 rpm, 
0 to 120v 25 amp variac,
14 inch G10 rotor with 12 25/32 brass inserts that
hold 1/2" tugston electrodes

The problem is I am having trouble attaining greater
than 1800 rpms on the rotary.  I'm thinking this might
be due to the tourque band of the motor. It probably
is one hp at 10,000 rpms and is unable to overcome the
weight of the rotor rpms.  What I'm looking to do, is
construct a syncronous RSG, and I am looking for an
1800 rpm motor around 2 to 3 hp.  Does anyone know
where I might be able to find such a creature?  Also
if I could find one, I could use a universal type
motor that will be develop around the same hp with a
lower rpm.  I've already searched McMaster-Carr,
Grainger, and other places but they don't seem to have
what I am looking for.  Any help would be appreciated
as always.

Thanks all,

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