Re: Second Light

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<< output is reduced considerably from the previous cap where I was
> getting 3' discharges. With this cap my primary was tapped out at 23
> turns.
> Also, we were getting longer sparks from my small (12" x 3") toroid than
> mike's 24 x 3 torroid. I know my gap needs upgrading, at the moment I
> have 5 in series, 1" brass rods end to end. An RQ gap is the next
> project, and I am gradually assembling parts for an RSG when I am brave
> enough to tackle magnifiers.


I'm glad to hear of the re-birth of your coil.  You don't happen to be tuned
at the outer-most turn are you?  If so, maybe it needs a few more turns?

If your primary is a very wide one, the coupling might be a little looser
now also.

Does the break rate sound high enough?  If the transformer is weak
(current-wise), it might not have enough energy to charge the larger
cap very well?

It's worth looking at the gap situation too as you suggested.  

John Freau
 Steve Crawshaw >>