Re: salt problem.

Jim, Michael,

No, having salt precipitate out and settle has never seemed to effect the
operation of my SW caps, some of which have survived a for a few years
(though many, many have died). Not that I would say I have any real
liking of them....  -at-#$%^**(!!##$-at-^!!!.  I feel like i must be the only
person in history to use salt water caps, with the capacitance
unmeasured, with a Syncro-RSG ;)  Only 38" discharge with a 12/60 NST
powering it, and the SRSG banging away at a nice, buzzing 120bps. An MMC
is on the way, though....

Grayson Dietrich
"The Electrophile"

On Sun, 03 Oct 1999 14:44:16 -0600 Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> writes:
> Original Poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux-at-earthlink-dot-net> 
> Check the temperature... Odds are you are dissolving the salt in 
> water at a
> higher temperature, then, when it cools over time, the excess comes 
> out of
> solution.  But, I don't think the salt precipitating out would make 
> any
> performance difference. Salt water cap afficionados: does it make 
> any
> difference?
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> > From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> > Subject: salt problem.
> > Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 11:08 AM
> > 
> > Original Poster: "Michael Ackerson" <mackerson-at-powerlink-dot-net> 
> > 
> > How do you keep salt dissolved in water, when ever I set it 
> (capacitor) 
> up
> > the salt keeps settling to the bottem after about an hour?
> > 
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