Line Filters - gone!

Hi All,

        I thought when I started this that I would end up with a bunch of left
over filters in the garage.  I even cleared a space for them in long term
storage.  I was very hesitant to take all fifty of them but that was the deal
at work.  However, the response has been great and by the time you read this
they will all be spoken for :-O.   Sort of like the real gold rush days :-)

Sorry for those that wanted one but were too late.   Let me know because I am
always running across line filters and I will simply put you on the list for
future finds.  If you happened to send me a check but I can't deliver, I will,
of course, return it will extreme apologies.

I will try and get the filters shipped ASAP as time and room in my car
permits.  Hopefully, they will all be out by next Friday when another fun
activity for me begins ;-)

Cheers and thanks for al the great interest in this sudden project of

        Terry Fritz