Line Filters - Mother Load!

Hi All,

	On Friday we obsoleted fifty - 3 phase, 210V, 80A, line filters (30kW).
They didn't quite fit in the power supplies right :-O   

	They would normally go out as scrap metal, but I intervened with my body
and grabbed them all (an all or nothing deal ;-)).  These are really nice
in that they have a very high current rating and will easily handle the
normal pig (pole transformer ;-)) input voltages.  Of course, they can be
used at lower voltage and single phase.  They are very compact units for
their high power rating.

Picture is at:

Label on filter:

	Unlike the previous offer, these are brand new in the original box.  They
are really nice in that they are all pre-packed and all I have to do is
throw a mailing label on box and hand them to UPS.  


	They are free but you will have to send me $7.00 to cover the cost of
shipping in the US.  If you live elsewhere contact me an I'll figure out
what the shipping cost is.  I have 25 in boxes and another 25 in the trunk
of my car that don't have boxes.  Of course, if you can get near Northern
Colorado, they are just sitting here waiting for free (especially the ones
in my car :-))...


	I figure the loose ones will go to the local electronics salvager for free
since they are not easy to do much else with and the boxed up 25 should
more than handle our needs.  

So, If you want one or more, send me a check or whatever for $7.00 each
shipping and your EXACT mailing address to:

Terry Fritz
641 S. Loomis Ave. 
Fort Collins, Colorado
USA			80521

If you have any questions my E-mail is:



	Terry Fritz

BTW - I am still grabbing the used 480V 45 amp filters as they get trashed
but I still have not found enough yet for everyone that wanted one.
Perhaps these would do just as well for most.  Let me know if you want one
of these instead...

BBTW - These line filters are used to remove high frequency noise from the
input AC lines of high power switching power supplies.  They are basically
complex LC networks that act as low-pass filters which stop the ~100kHz
switching noise from getting back into the AC supply lines.  They should
help to keep nasty noise from a TC getting back into the house AC wiring
where it may cause problems with other stuff on the circuits.

BBBTW - We also do this stuff with circuit breakers, contactors, and other
high power AC stuff.  I'll keep my eyes open 8-)