Greetings fellow coilers,
   I havn't posted here in a while, so I thought I would make a few
observations about my first coil.
The primary is 14 turns of 1/4 solid copper wire, tapped at 13 turns. The
secondary is 4 inch acrylic. 20 inch tall winding of 24 ga. wire. The
capacitor is a rolled poly -at- .006mfd. Spark gap is a RQ with forced air fan
(240 CFM) 15KV -at- 30 ma. NST Toroid is 4 x 16 alumunim duct covered with
aluinum tape. I am able to get 24 in. sparks -at- 120 V input to NST.
   While experimenting with a 4 in. clear bulb, I noticed that the intensity
if discharge within the bulb dropped whenever there was a discharge from the
toroid. There was some discussion on this list some time ago about the
potential of the top terminal during discharge. I guess it drops during
discharge as evidenced by the light bulb.
   I once forgot to turn the fan on for the sparkgap and noticed something
interesting. At about 30 volts into the NST, the spark gap would start to
sizzle. Not the snapping sound as heard at higher voltages. Immediately upon
hearing the sizzle, there would be a 12 inch discharge from the toroid. It
would wait a few seconds and discharge again. I guess the toroid was
charging up until it was able to discharge.
   I hope to try a few more experiments over the weekend. Maybe the spinning
wire. Anybody got any neat experiments they wish to share?
   Also got a 6 ft. piece of 15 in. sewer pipe the other day. I have a
friend who knows where the sewer dept. has their scrap pile. Hope to build a
big un one day. Will probably go for about 8 or  10 inch for my next coil.
Happy coiling
George Stein
Bedford, Va.