Re: Pigs-n-stuff (Mikes new coil)

Hi Mike,

Sounds like yours and Brians coil is really flying.  That seems like very
good performance for a static gap.  Have you any idea what the supply cord
power was when you had 65" sparks ?  Will you be showing this coil at the
winter Teslathon ?

Keep us informed of its progress.

						- Richie,

						- In sunny Newcastle.

 On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Michael Tucknott <Michael.Tucknott-at-virgin-dot-net> 
> Hi all
> When we ran the same coil with Steves pole pig and a 0.0151 ufd plate
> cap
> and got 46" output, but now with the MMC we got 65"-68" output(this is
> as much
> as the RQ gap can handle)
> Thanks Guys, Mike Tucknott & Brian la Page